For as long as I can remember, I've been reaching for something higher, something more.  I'm not talking in the materialistic sense; I don't feel the need for higher status nor do I aspire to accumulate more things.  No, what I am reaching for is of the spirit.  I believe we are all inherently noble—born of Beauty and created in Love.  Because of this, I believe that each soul has a priceless opportunity in this life to bring to light all the latent gems inherent within.  My work is really about supporting you in bringing the gems latent within you to light, so that you are able to bring your true Self, and all of the attributes of your soul, into the world. 

Realistically, if I am not also doing my work to mine those gems latent within my own soul, I will fall short in my calling to support you.  AND if I am not supporting you to be your best Self, I will struggle in being my best Self.  This is because, as humans, we have a two-fold moral purpose.

We live in a world that seems to contradict itself.  On one hand, we are told to look out for number 1 at the expense of everything/everyone else.  On the other hand, we are told to sacrifice everything/ourselves for the betterment of others.  Well, if we remove the extremes from these two idea we find a middle path, a path that says it is necessary to support our community and ourselves.  What's more, the two-fold moral purpose says that rather than being dichotomous, the development of ourselves and the world is a dialectic—individual and communal growth happen in relation to one another—and the vehicle for such development is service.

If this is true, and I believe it is, than my community will be strengthened through my contributions and, in turn, the gems of my character will shine forth.  So you see, I will forever reach to be the best I can be, not because I want to be better than others but because the dark soil of this world has the capacity to bring forth the most fragrant and beautiful rose garden.  Through my efforts, our efforts, to be of service in the ways we feel called we will see this transformation take place, one gem at a time.

Ever reaching,

P.S. Visit Brand Your Beauty to learn more about how I can support you in shining your light.

P.P.S. Speaking of being of service to others, I'm in the process of developing a new program—a training program for fellow photographers who desire to truly bring out the best within their clients.  I realized recently that all of the work that I do is not "my" work.  It may be that I devised the Thru Beauty Method, but it isn't mine exclusively.  Therefore, I am going on retreat next week to fully develop a training protocol so that more and more people can experience the restorative power of healing Thru Beauty.  I believe this world will only transform into the rose garden it is capable of becoming as more and more people truly recognize their own inherent worth, and that is what my work is about—supporting as many people in stewarding their beauty as possible.  Therefore, the next logical step is to share this method with others.  Stay tuned, more to come on this after the retreat!