Personalized Animal Totems

The natural world is full of mystical wonder and, as such, it manifests messages.  Have you ever seen a rainbow and just knew in your bones it was for you?  Have you felt the warmth of a breeze on a sunny afternoon and trusted everything would be alright? 
Native Traditions the world over have long held that the natural world is here to support us. One aspect of this is that all animals serve as spirit guides, providing wisdom and accompaniment throughout our lives so that we may come to know ourselves at deeper and deeper levels. Have you been in the thick of something when an animal caught your attention and in that moment you knew exactly what you needed to do?  Or maybe that animal served as a sort of confirmation that you have been on the right path all along. Or perhaps an animal popped into you life at the perfect moment to remind you of your radiance.

This abstract series commemorates the sacred messages of the natural world.
What message awaits you?

The process begins with an original abstract painting created with your spirit in heart and mind.
After digitizing the painting, it becomes the background of a silhouette of the animal of your choosing, 
culminating in a one-of-a-kind animal totem print.
Each package includes the signed original abstract painting, a signed animal totem print,
a folded greeting card with the description of the hidden message and meaning behind your unique totem,
and one apparel item of your choosing.


The giraffe encourages us to elongate our vision, stretch ourselves, and reach as far as we can. Giraffe teaches us to use our gift of higher perception and to combine vision with empathy to gain grand views in life situations.

Symbolically the giraffe represents vision, beauty, mystery, patience, and elegance among other attributes.

The colors of teal, purple, and yellow accentuate the message of the giraffe, highlighting the ability to be even tempered in difficult situations.


A creature of wind and water the dragonfly symbolic of change, encouraging lightness and joy in our lives. Dragonfly supports us in delving deeper into our emotions and in shining our true colors.

Symbolically the dragonfly represents purity, prosperity, joy, transformation, and grace among other attributes.


The colors of fuchsia, purple, and aqua highlight the message of the dragonfly that we can be joyful in all circumstances, even those of significant transformation.


Like its body weight, the elephant has tons of meaningful insight to share with us, speaking in terms of sensitivity, loyalty and determination. The elephant exemplifies patience and devotion and encourages gentle wisdom.

Symbolically the elephant represents strength, honor, stability, right use of power, and tenacity among other attributes.


The colors teal, fuchsia, and blue illustrate the message of the elephant to be bold and powerful in our perseverence.

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